Our group actively participates in teaching of Biochemistry, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine students at the University of Leipzig.

Preclinical Course for Medical Students
Methods in Experimental Neuroscience: studies in the transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.

The students receive a general introduction to cellular and molecular methods of brain research. In supervised practical experiments, they will perform genotyping, histological stainings, immunofluorescence and Western blot analyses using a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.

The course is adapted to medical students at the pre-clinical stage (1st to 4th semester).
For details see: https://student.uniklinikum-leipzig.de/studium/wahlfaecher_vorklinik_neu.php

Practical Course for Biochemistry students


Bachelor students of biochemistry (6th semester) are trained in standard biochemical techniques such as protein purification, separation and quantification, in isolation and quantification of mRNA and in (immuno)histological methods including preparation of brain slices and triple immunofluorescent labellings of neuronal and glial cell types. In addition, students are introduced to modern imaging methods including laser scanning, light sheet and electron microscopy.

Lecture on Laboratory animals for Veterinary Medicine students

Animal models of Alzheimer's disease 

Students are introduced to transgenic and non-transgenic animal models that mimic aspects of Alzheimer's disease pathology. The specific features of such models are discussed with regard to benefits and limitations for pre-clinical research including pharamacological proof-of-concept and neurobehavioural studies. 

Bachelor, Master, PhD, MD, SHK, WHK
Position offer

We are looking for interested and highly motivated Bachelor, Master and PhD or MD students. You can also be part of our group as student or scientific research assistent. If you are interested in joining, do not hesitate to contact us.